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What if someone named Pack Backpack stole your backpack and you had to yell, “Give me my backpack back Pack Backpack!”

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Sculptural Staircase

The sculptural stairway was installed in a custom-designed Mumbai apartment and features continuous, flowing lines that connect many of the highest and lowest steps together.

The unique, U-shape design isn’t just beautiful, it is also functional, with the open wooden slats allowing ample light to traverse through the window and into the apartment itself. Additionally, the first three steps are independant from the rest of the structure, creating bench seating for the residents.


Would you have stairs like this in your home?



These are the disease outbreaks that could have been prevented by proper vaccination according to the Council on Foreign Relations. You can explore the interactive map here.

Check out the thousands of whooping cough cases in the United States in 2011 and the measles outbreaks plaguing Europe.

Would also be interested to see the speed of decline in rotavirus, meningitis, and pneumonia deaths in south Asia and subsaharan Africa due to vaccines for those diseases.